Trollstigen Gjestegård Restaurant


Open from 11.00 to 18.00 every day from 1st June to 1st September.


Honey caramelized goat cheese salad with marinated cucumber & beetroot crème
Toast Skagen with shrimps & nordic smoked salmon
Grilled squash filled with couscous & seasonal vegetables
Traditional Norwegian sour cream porridge topped with sugar cinnamon & butter served with flatbread & cured meats
Beef trollburger with seasonal salad, bacon, cheese, tomatos, red onion marmelade, french fries, pickles & dressing
Reindeer patties with potato confit, lingonberries, red onion marmalade, seasonal salad & blueberry-red wine sauce
Salmon with potato confit, carrot purre, aspargus, cherry tomatoes & persilladeaioli
Traditional Norwegian pan-fried marinated beef stir-fry with paprika, red onion, leek, champignons, bérnaise sauce & baked potato


We also serve daily desserts, sandwiches, waffles and other snacks!

Reviews from TripAdvisor:
"Best dinner during 9 days of road trip in Norway hands down. The salmon was perfectly grilled and we highly recommend it. The waitress was wonderful and we felt welcome even tough we had a puppy with us during the visit. The chef asked how the food was I passing and I wish I had told him better how good the dish actually was. Stay and eat here without any doubt and enjoy the view." - Alexander

"The is one of my favourit stops, they have a great " Buffee " for lunch. They have many solutions, with good service & friendly staff." - Neil

"I´ve had a great time both at the camping and at the restaurant. The food is really good, both in terms of quality and availability of options.
This place is located in a scenic place and the staff make it the most pleasant experience to stay for a few days and just enjoy.
Keep up the good work guys!" - João


The guesthouse is located in Isterdalen, surrounded by nature at the foot of the Troll. Here you get a great panoramic view of the Trollstigen Stigfossen and surrounding peaks. We are located ten kilometers from Åndalsnes on highway 63 towards Geiranger.