Shopping in Trollstigen

Trollstigen Gjestegard

Down in Trollstigen valley you will find the camping areas and one of our souvenir shops, a big wooden building in a typical Norwegian design. Once you’re inside the shop, you’ll realize how difficult it is to choose the right type of troll to take away with you, furthermore, we offer all kinds of great quality items so you won’t forget the amazing times you had here in Trollstigen. Be a part of our Norwegian heritage and try some amazing moose sausages, natural fruit jams, locals drinks and much more. Also, prepare yourself for the rainy days with the large variety of clothes we have. Once you leave our shop, you will be completely Norwegian!

Trollstigen Cafe

The top of Trollstigen is the perfect place to see the amazing beauty of the valley and its roads. Here, you will find a very modern building with another of our souvenir shops. Inside, you can appreciate the surrounding landscape at all angles. We also have an array of Norwegian souvenirs, such as a big variety of trolls, books about the area and local tales, clothes to help you with the Norwegian weather and you can even taste a bit of Trollstigen! For those who like the natural life, here you can purchase our famous reindeer or goat skin to decorate your house with. It is Trollstigen at its best!